No Fear


You can't make sense out of a nonsensical situation.

When everything is no longer normal in the sense of what we once knew in our world, the usual responses no longer apply. If the world around us, whether locally, nationally or globally is topsy turvy, the tools we once used to make sense of it all no longer work the same. The stock market, retirement fund depletions, currency wars, inflation fears, foreclosures, bailouts, political turmoil, unemployment...all of these terms are floating around us and for many of us, some have a very personal and unpleasant meaning.

One thing is certain, the world is changing around us and our coping mechanisms are driving on roads that require a different engine with unfamiliar gears. The best we can do is recognize that we're no longer on that nice boulevard we're used to and on unknown road, use all the skills we learned from our previous driving experience, steering and changing gears as best we can. My bet is that everything we learned in the past can be applied in new and strange circumstances, with just a little aptitude, attitude, machinations and luck, to our best advantage. One things is certain, we won't know if we don't try.


  1. I think you're right about all of this. Whether we run for office or write blogs or go to work every day (when we have work to go to, of course) and just keep all of this in our minds and think about it sometimes between elections, I'm sure it's all relevant and adds up in ways that will lead to what we all hope for.

    We're very lucky to live in a country that was constituted as ours has been. As difficult as things might seem, we have been given ways to remedy them with actions that need not include bloodshed. That's damn near unique in this universe and it's something I'm thankful for.

    I truly feel lucky to be living in these times. They might be tough but they never seem impossible.

    Another great blog, JR!

  2. ...and the captcha thing was "chanes" LOL