Music Break: 3Js

Linda Paloma...

tijdens instore de Jan Cas, Voldendam 2010



  1. Great cover of a great song off a great singer-songwriter's greatest album...plus, for a second there the lead singer seemed to maybe forget his place in the song, which I wouldn't mention except that Jackson himself does it sometimes.

    Just a very cool video. Thanks for posting it!

  2. It's interesting that Jan Dulles is considered one of the best vocalists in Europe but he and the group (3Js) have never managed to crack even British markets much. With their style and material they hardly stand a chance in the US. I suspect it's also because all their original material, great stuff in itself, is in Dutch, while all their English material is cover songs. It's almost impossible to translate Dutch lyrics into anything resembling the original intent of the song, into English.