Arizona Landscape

On the road again...

Going up to the High Country


  1. Very cool pictures, JR. I especially like the bottom one, mostly because it's so completely different from the terrain (and trees) that I see around here. I gotta say, it doesn't look like too many cars slide over from the oncoming lanes, either. THAT's what I call a median!

    Thanks for posting these, sir.

  2. That last photo is where you're in the high desert ascending into even higher desert, which is more verdant, wetter and cooler. It's on the way to my hometown, Prescott, which is much greener and does have trees but they're of the mesquite, juniper, cottonwood type.

    For the stuff more like what your used to you'd have to go further north to higher ground, Aspen country, like Flagstaff, Payson and the White Mountains...which are way too cold for me. I like the moderate, cooler climate of the high desert.

    Ahhhh...one day I'll return home for good out of this godforsaken urban heat island.