Music Break: Joe Strummer

Johnny Appleseed...

Live David Letterman 2001



  1. Last week I was driving home from work and stopped at the Wal-Mart in Macedon, NY. I only stayed a minute or two and it's only relevant because it put me in the position to turn on 107.7FM out of Buffalo, the best and seemingly the farthest-ranging FM station anywhere near here...as I tuned in they were blasting "The Right Profile", by the Clash. I can't claim to know the Clash's work by heart but I can assure you I was SCREAMING along with this song; people were out raking and a couple of them (at least) looked askance at me as I rolled by yelling, "That's MONTGOMERY CLIFT, honey!!!" ...and even that's not the relevant part (well OK, it is, but I go on) because DJ Loren (maybe Warren) Hunter came on after the song and said, "they were called the only band that mattered, and for a while it was true". He also said the world needed all the Joe Strummers it could get. I have long agreed with his assessment.

    I'll have to make a blog about Joe Strummer now. I'm not sure what it will possibly discuss but I thank you for showing the need.

    Very cool music break, JR! I always say that but I always mean it.

    (PS I love how Dave refers to Joe's Mescaleros album as his latest solo record. NBC Dave would've known better but that's a whole other story.)

  2. I was in that age group just ahead of you and our music was different and frankly, most of us didn't get The Clash, punk or any music in that general genre. That was because we didn't understand (and many still don't) that it was a rebellion against "our" music which we assumed was the definition of rock. It wasn't until after he died I knew of Joe Strummer and listened to his music. I can't say I would recognize it today though honestly without being told as I would Jackson Browne or Bowie.

    I say that because as times move on, I recognize the difference between someone born circa 1954 versus someone born circa 1964 with more awareness. I learn the subtle differences between the early boomers (who us mid-boomers resent because they are getting The Full Deal, the mid-boomers (who are getting scraps of The Deal)and late boomers, early GenXrs (who aren't getting any of The Deal).

    Somewhere that's reflected in the music of those three vague age differentiations. I look forard to your blog on Strummer. Go for it.