Word of the Day: YouTube Attention Span

"I won't watch anything over 3 minutes..."

Your normal attention span only significantly decreased due to YouTube. Whereas normally 10 minutes is a short amount of time, YouTube turns it into a cinematic experience.

Urban Dictionary
Urban Word of the Day 08/10/10


  1. I guess I don't suffer from YTAS; when I see something I like on there I almost always wish it lasted longer. Then again I have no problem sitting on a rock in the woods and staring at tiny motionless spiders on their webs for hours, so I might not be normal in that (or any) respect.

    I will say this: Youtube definitely fits into Einstein's explanation of relativity that an hour talking with a pretty girl is far shorter than an hour spent sitting on a hot stove. I'm sure I mangled the quote but you know what I mean...and anyway that hasn't got much to do with attention spans, so I'm not sure why I mention it. My only defense is that it is Labor Day, and I should be at work.

    And it was cool to see the shoutout to Snark in the tags. :)

  2. I've never understood the "I never watch anything over 3 minutes" comment because it implies the user has a short attention span. You never know what may be interesting until you start watching it. I like your Einstein observation.

    Snark's 10 minute episodes were interesting and funny!