Self Portrait

Reflections of everyday self...


  1. These photos are extremely cool... I looked at them and wondered how you took them for a second but then it hit me that it didn't matter; they are cool and anyway I like the magic of NOT knowing stuff sometimes.

    They remind me of a picture I saw a long time ago in a photography textbook of Picasso waving a flashlight in the "dark" of an extremely long exposure... Pablo, like you, caught more than what seems possible to catch without expanding dimensions or time. Which I guess you both did in your own ways.

    Like I said, extremely cool.

  2. You've given me a great compliment here that I appreciate. I started taking pictures as a kid in the 60s with a Kodak instant camera and that forced me to learn to use what I had to make creative photos. When I was in high school a Hanimex Praktica 35mm literally fell into my hands that I bought at a bargain basement price from a rich kid whose parents had bought it for him and he had no interest in it except to sell it cheap for dope. I would never have been aboe to afford that camera and used it for years. Even then I used minimal settings and never learned artificial lighting and managed to win a few photo contests for high school and college kids.

    My goal is to take a good photograph with minimum of intervention. These days most of my photos are taken using my Blackberry Storm I which has nil adjustments. I also use my Sony Handycam. I do only a small amount of editing using plain old Microsoft Picture Manager to sharpen contrast, lighten or darken and/or tweak color a very small amount.

    What you see is what you get. Basically I did these by using reflections in my Jeep Window and a sliding glass door. It's about composition and what I learned how to do with what little I had. I like that concept in general in life. Ninety percent of the time I take 2-8 photos and because the sun is so blinding here all year, I really don't completely know what I have until I look at them on my PC.