Quote of the Day: Paul Ryan

Say it again with feeling, like you really mean it...

"We need to establish the proverbial lines in the sand and show we are serious about limited government," said Wisconsin's Rep. Paul Ryan, a leading conservative who is in line to chair the House budget committee if Republicans take control.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R, WI)
"GOP Aims to Erode White House Agenda"
Wall Street Journal online 09/20/10


  1. I'm convinced by this of something I was pretty much certain of anyway: that Washington representatives of either party either have NO idea what Americans want, or don't care.

    These people treat this like they'd treat choosing sides in a kickball game at an Ivy League school, refusing to waver from the vaguest or most cliched of statements while making sure not to offend anyone who might be helpful in the future.

    The lines are in the sand and they aren't proverbial; people (at least those of working or trying to in private enterprise) want the government the hell out of their lives, as they'd want any other robbing beast gone...and this "leading conservative" uses a verb like "establish" instead of "draw", which shows his fear of strong statements.

    Strong statements are longed for now; any true conservative would have noticed that. Any lover of the USA and what it's about would have noticed that.

    Ryan's comments sound like Baby Talk. I hate Baby Talk.

    Thanks, JR!

  2. Your dead on.

    I think Ryan is selling his latest book "A Roadmap for America" and the organization that goes along with it and it is worse than baby talk, it's infantile pandering. The fact that it dovetails right into a political campaign is just too convenient. He says all this stuff and I'd bet a silver dollar he'll turn around and vote for the same big spending Republican Agenda of McCain, et al.

    People mock the Tea Party folks and many aren't my type but I get a sense of real anger, frustration and sincerity out of them. I'm suspecting this kind of talk from a sitting Corporate Republican (from WISCONSIN no less) Congressman is to lull them into the Republican way to keep them from creating a third party and splitting the vote.

    Therefore he uses all these mocking weak words and phrases, which are the gobbledy gook that is emblematic of political and corporate writing and speaking.