Quote of the Day: Meghan McCain

The Time Bomb...

on Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential race:

I was waiting for her to explode. There was a fine line between genius and insanity, they say, and choosing her as a running mate was starting to seem like the definition of that line.

Meghan McCain
"Dirty Sexy Politics"


  1. I know very little about Meghan McCain except that she is apparently very willing to question some of John McCain's choices. I can't blame her for that at all.

    I do find the Genius/insanity part pretty funny, not because I think Sarah Palin is a genius or insane. I think she's neither and is instead just a person who got into the national spotlight and wanted to ride a while. I don't fault Palin for that; I've never remotely understood what drives people who show up in those lights but I don't dare condemn someone when I'm not sure I wouldn't do the same given the opportunity.

    I do have a problem with Sarah Palin, though, and it's a factually provable one that somehow no one seems to care about: she was elected by the people of her state to serve as their governor. Whatever anyone else might think of her, Alaskans voted her into the governor's office.

    And she claimed she couldn't get anything done, so she quit.

    We NEVER need a "when the going gets tough, quit" person in high elected office. These people make decisions that affect all of our lives; I have nothing against Palin personally and I wish like anything that she (or ANYBODY) was the person to pick to go to Washington and straighten things out. But I can't pretend to hope she's involved in 2012 when there are voting Alaskans who right now are wondering where the hell their governor went.

    I'm not sure I'm on topic, but at least I'm off the music breaks and getting my "pissed-off" on again, right? :D

    Thanks for posting these things, JR!

  2. And yes...I realize in the context that the genius/insane question was about John McCain, but if you heard the break-room talk up here about Palin during the '08 campaign it was almost the same question...and they NEVER jumped all over McCain about anything, at least in NY, but everyone had an opinion about Palin's mindset. Interesting stuff, looking back on things.

  3. I found the line very funny and a good remark on observing Palin.

    I tend to agree that Palin is someone who seemingly out of nowhere captured the imagination of a lot of people and is undertaking it with all the gusto she can for however long it lasts. Except that it’s lasting longer and going further than I thought it would. She was a minor political figure who should have stayed that way but for some reason is being propelled into major league for far longer than I care about.

    She evokes strong emotional opinions among people that frankly I don't get because she doesn’t seem worthy of it. She doesn't evoke much of anything in me other than she's just another celebrity political figure with no real substance and it is now becoming annoyingly ubiquitous. I'm beginning to understand that she’s not going away anytime soon, because she clearly has some kind of intentions and cannot be ignored, making my annoyance is irrelevant.

    At the moment, politics and the economic situation is really dragging at the bottom of my optimism. I hope my mood gets better, that my faith in the American people gets restored because right now, I’m beginning to think the majority of Americans are entitlement minded spoiled brats whose rattle has been snatched and there are few of us who have any “old-fashioned” values. We’re seriously at risk of losing our “Americanism” because most people aren’t worthy of having it (apologies to Ben Franklin).

    It’s why I hesitate to write anything social-economic-political right now. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to give me some hope again. I have a feeling it’s going to be awhile.