Music Break: Steely Dan

Do It Again (Live: Midnight Special 1973)


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  1. OK...back to the music breaks, which mean more right now anyway if only because they make a person think a little.

    Case in point: I am guessing that the lead singer in this is David Palmer. I've never seen a picture of him so I don't know, but he- to me, as this idiotic rock fan who once in a while a long time ago tried to find out everything about bands- is the guy who got tossed from Steely Dan when Fagen decided to sing. I'm not sure that's true, and I'm also not sure it was a bad choice, but whoever was singing the lead on this did a damn good job. The guy wasn't some replaceable hack, at least to my ears.

    I can't say I love Steely Dan's music, but I sure like it a lot. This makes me wonder how it would be different if Palmer (or whoever that is) had remained on board...then again, I love "Midnight Cruiser" with Jim Hodder singing, so maybe this is him.Doesn't sound like him, but who knows?

    And I'm not knocking Donald Fagen; just thinking a lot. About music. Better than most other things.