IMHO: Barack Hussein Obama

Oh yeah, I said it...

On Obama:

I never thought I'd see anyone of such a low caliber ascend to such a high office. 

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  1. You said it, JR, and in my opinion you said it right.

    I could go on and on with thoughts on the man, and none of it would add anything to the discussion except for what just hit me: Obama is the first American president in my lifetime whom I have NO sense of humor about.

    There have been a bunch of interesting ones, some I thought were OK and some I didn't (and some-maybe all-whom my opinions changed about given time or circumstances) but I could always find something funny to say about them, or find some humor in something someone else said about them. I don't have that with Obama.

    I think the other people had souls and hearts or at least wanted me to think that. I can accept bullshit from political opportunists; it's part of their game and I might not like it but I know that it's what got 'em there and I can almost respect them for staying the course...but this guy is different. He gives off an aura of stupid malice, and whether that's the true measure of the man or not it's an overpowering feeling that he ought to have worked on hiding by now, if he cared.

    I think he's a low, mean person without a clue, dressed up as someone so successful and arrogant that he doesn't need a clue.

    So yes; I think you said it right, my friend.

  2. You summed up what I think about him also pretty well. Everyone I've known before him had some redeeming qualities or features about them that I could at least give, even if begrudgingly, some credit to and take some humor in, no matter their miscues or misdeed.

    I would say he is a cold opportunist who has spent his life calculating how to get by to get what he wants rather than figuring out something worthwhile to to achieve. Every move he has ever made, in spite of his claims, are never to help others but to aid himself in getting ahead, thereby using the appearance of doing good for his own advantage.

    Our huge problem of course is that due to his listless, arrogant nature he has in turn ruined the economy and social fabric of a great country. What was a crisis is now devastating destruction causing us to rebuild from scratch, making the "broken window fallacy" a harsh reality.