Urban Landscape Photography VIII

Who'll stop the rain?...


  1. I just typed about hundred lines and said a lot; all got washed away. Who'll stop the rain, indeed.

    It'll probably happen again so I'll toss aside my appreciation of the CCR quote and my worries about the bursting of the saguaros (which is real, and comes to me from Edwin Way Teale, who I think is my new favorite writer) and I'll ask this: does a little rain keep the anti-immigration-law protesters away?

    I really wonder about that. I wonder because it seems to me like EVERY LEGAL PERSON IN ARIZONA wants that law. I could be wrong but up here in New York it seems like the case. A damned inspiring situation, by the way.

    BUT...I wonder if when it rains a lot, protesters find something else to do instead of riding buses for hours to stand in the rain.

    It seems possible that their rage might wait for drier days. Either way, just wondering.

    I'm rambling and it's late but I had to comment.
    Thanks again, JR!

  2. The rain I want stopped is the crying I'm hearing about the arrest of the anti-SB1070 protesters, who broke public nuisance laws everyone must obey, as "the beginning of fascism, nazism, totalitarianism" yada yada yada

    It's interesting to watch cacti that is normally rather thin bloat up after a heavy rain. Some of them get all squishy too if you push on or squeeze them. That's when some will "burst." They look so full and green and are happy little cactus pigs recharging all those cells and storing up water for drier days.