Quote of the Day

Quality and care...

A person who sees Quality and feels it as he works is a person who cares. A person who cares about what he sees and does is a person who's bound to have some characteristics of Quality.

from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig
Part III, Chapter 24
copyright 1974, 1999


  1. I know you mentioned this book a long time ago, on Youtube I think...I'd heard of it before; somehow a copy of it fell into my hands at some point. I remember liking what I read of it, except for the end of it which I of course read at some point because I always skip ahead (except when I don't, in which cases I never get to the end of things). It's been years since I've seen it but I know it's still here, a pinkish paperback hiding out in the garage with all the other cool stuff I moved here with then never bothered to bring inside.

    Shame on me for that (or those)... I need to find this book and read it. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  2. ...mine is a greenish paperback I've had for years. I honestly think they came with those color covers of the "palish" variety.

    I'm re-reading it from cover to cover and not skipping ahead because it's a four part long book and I don't recall lot's of it. My real goal is to try to gain some of my attention span back, by reading an actual book (not an 'e-book') to break the spell of the 20 second attention span of the internet.