Prepare To Go Japanese

Big Government intervention: Deflation, Inflation Stagflation...

Big Government is probably here to stay for awhile, due to the economic crisis and entitlement psychology of a large segment of the American people, at the very least until the 2016 election. It is due to the major political parties having a stranglehold on the "two-party system" and despite protestations to the contrary, Republicans are as much Big Government (think defense, corporate influence, Social Security and Medicare) as the Democrats. Expect lots of government intervention to unnaturally fix a natural correction.

Prepare to go Japanese and be in economic, political and social stagnation for the rest of the decade. Deflation, Inflation, Stagflation.

Unless government intervention breaks and forces have built up to recognize that the Supremacy Clause, Federal Reserve, the 16th and 17th Amendments, among other things, aren't reformed or repealed, we will by the end of the decade really be like Japan, which is now into 20 years of stagnating decline. The US will be in the long slow decline of a once great country, following other great civilizations that throughout history, have fallen in stature. The United Kingdom is starkly well into it now.

Know the Geography of Your Mind

The key on a personal level to survive what is coming is by remaining psychologically intact, avoiding depression, alcohol and drugs and dangerous escapist behaviors like the population of another great power, Russia. This will be very hard work and require some good old American True Grit and courage. Individually we must also be responsible for ourselves and those close to us and vigilantly rebuild or maintain our personal economic situations to scale. Most importantly we need to make important choices about maintaining our values and ethics, guarding our minds, spiritual selves, personal associations, while navigating a toxic culture.

Although I think this era is much worse, I learned a lot from the economic, social and political era of 1968 through 1983. Technically during that time there were four recessions, but for most people I knew, it was just one long haul. I was neither rich nor poor but I became very wealthy in resourcefulness and for that reason, life was not so bad. It wasn't always easy, I had moments when I pondered if the future would ever bring an improvement and what it would look like if it happened.

Imitation of Life

Regretfully most of my generation, those of us statistically born at the height of the baby boom, when the early eighties recession ended and an economic revival began, suddenly lost their senses. They became consumers with rapidity, imitating the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." One week they were driving a nice, decent car and the next week a Mercedes, jeans were out and fancy pants were in and their hair was expensively styled. I don't feel sorry for them now, they've spent decades complacent in their overpaid careers, under performing while gorging on consumer goods and ill-prepared for what is happening to them now.

Self-reliance and being resourceful is key

Meanwhile I know people of all ages who didn't buy into consumerism or who for the past few years, self-aware, have been in consumerist recovery and getting back on the best track possible in these times. They all genuinely understand fully what is going on and although in the minority, there are millions of us and we'll make it somehow. I suspect that resourcefulness I never forgot from the early part of my life will come in handy for quite some time.

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