Music Break: Steve Earle

This Land Is Your Land,...


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  1. Another great music break, JR... though they don't exactly afford what most people would consider a break. As they shouldn't.

    Steve Earle is great. I say that having heard terribly little of his music (though I should listen to more of it and I'm sure I will)...I bought "Train A'Comin" when it came out and played it a whole lot and loved it (though other than saying "pick it Wilson" I couldn't quote a line of it to you, it's been so long...and I always loved SE's threat to jump on Dylan's coffee table and announce to Zimmy that Townes Van Zandt was the best songwriter in America. I'd argue with him if I were Bob, but I can't dispute that TVZ is in the running for the title. As is Earle himself, maybe.

    Everybody knows there's not enough time to hear everything great; no way to find out about it if you did. Still I feel a little guilty not knowing more about Earle or Van Zandt or Guthrie (Woody or Arlo; either way I miss a lot) or the US Constitution or...pretty much everything important. I don't think important things can ever be experienced enough.

    I don't think there's an answer for it, other than to just deal with it and absorb what you can...and listen to people who make you think of playing trumpet in 6th grade band, which Earle did by standing in front of that music stand.

    And if nothing else showed up tonight but that back-of-the-posted-sign verse (never heard it before) I'd be in your debt for posting this. Thank you, sir!