Music Break: Mason Williams

Classical Gas (Original)...


  1. I remember some sort of Smothers Brothers "reunion" show on TV back in the 80s, when they introduced Mason Williams and he played this song...but he only played it after they'd mentioned that he had been a comedy writer for them in the '60s.

    I think that was the first clue I ever had that people had actually succeeded at different arts. I've seen it happen a lot since then but at the time the idea of a comedy writer coming up with THIS was astounding. It's still pretty impressive.

    Thanks, JR! The way things are going I may never get back to the political blogs...but the musical breaks are damn sure making me think a lot. Can't beat that!

  2. Mason Williams did play this on the original Smothers Brothers show but the video and audio track is not as good as this one. I had forgotten he had been a writer of theirs. This kind of fell into the theme for todays' post.

    Lately economics and politics have been making me weary and music is a pleasant diversion. It's been a long, hot humid summer and we have a midterm general election to look forward to this fall. My thought is to recharge myself in preparation for what I think may be a tough winter.