Music Break: The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt (Live 1974)

Silver Threads and Golden Needles...


  1. Hey JR... I've been semi-offline for a few days and haven't had the chance to watch too many videos but I had to watch this one. Music breaks are definitely cool things. Temporary diversions are very good things.

    The Eagles and Linda R. is a great temporary diversion. Thank you for posting this.

    A few thoughts I shouldn't care about but do anyway:

    *Very cool to see Bernie Leadon playing the solo on this; never seen him on video before but he's good. I always liked "I Wish You Peace" and that Sorcerer tune but I always thought of Leadon as the guy who played the mandolin and generally held the ground until Joe Walsh and Don Felder came along. Not that those would be bad things to be remembered for.

    *Linda Ronstadt ROCKS on this one, as she always does whenever she bothers to sing...mention her name to my mom and she'll get really mad about Linda and say things like "how can she just sit around now and not sing?" It's about as militantly angry as Mom gets and after seeing this I think I understand her point a little better.

    And a few points becomes a couple because I can't think of anything relevant beyond them. Or else what I have to say won't matter. All cool.

    I'll be back to the political ones soon, but for now a musical break is the perfect thing.

    As always: thanks for posting this, JR!

  2. This is one of her best performance and with The Eagles no less. She's from Tucson and her family are very political and in government positions.

    In '75 I was road tripping across west Texas in the summer and "You're No Good" was on heavy rotations on the radio. The people I was with all said the same thing..."if she doesn't stop belting out songs like that she's going to ruin her voice." Eventually she did take singing lessons, learned Mexican Spanish and did a CD in that language with good vocal quality. It was pretty good stuff.

    I think she still performs but not a lot of places will have her because in her later years she's gotten very crazily free with wild liberal criticisms. She yell at audience members and stuff. I think there's a vid of her trying to talk off, on some finer politically correct point, Whoppi Goldberg on Leno or something and she was booed.

    "Back in the day" though she had some really great stuff out though. "Pearls Before Swine" was a great album!