Music Break: The Beach Boys

Live 03/14/64 Little Deuce Coup...


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  1. When I see videos like this I'm always at first stunned by how basic the music seems...then it hits me how un-basic any of it is. Five guys standing there (well, four, if "Denny" is sitting) in striped shirts on black-and-white video singing a classic song is the second-coolest thing I've seen all day. It'd be THE coolest thing except that I'd never had a praying mantis coming careening through an open doorway and land on my work apron. Until today; the little soul was irrepressible. It was weird but it was sure cool. (And yes, it jumped off and I had to gather it up and take it outside, which-as I learned-can take a while.)

    I've always liked the Beach Boys, since I was a little kid and my dad bought "15 Big Ones", which, being about 8, I didn't realize was not a highlight of their canon at the time. Since then I'd bet I've played "Sail On Sailor", "Wouldn't it Be Nice","Help Me Rhonda", and a bunch of their other songs hundreds of times apiece. It's great music.

    The Beach Boys are a group everybody knows about but no one can really explain. You think you know what's going on but you don't really.
    But understanding or not, I know it's American music and I love it.

    I probably make no sense. My only defense is it's been a hell of a day.

    I need to get back to your political posts, JR, because the music breaks are kicking my butt.

    Thanks for putting them up, though. :)