Buck Owens and Don Rich

"Above and Beyond"...

music break



  1. Very cool to hear this, JR!

    The only version of this song I ever remember hearing before was by Wynn Stewart; I've played it many times and if I'd bothered to check the songwriter credit (Harlan Howard) I would've been able to safely bet it was something close to a standard. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't but I like it, and it has me wanting to explore the Bakersfield Sound a lot more.

    One way or another your posts keep me thinking. Thank you, sir!

  2. This was an early hit for Buck Owens and for an interesting "blast form the past" watch him sing it on the Faron Young show with a very young Darrell McCall. The song is definitely a country classic standard.


    For a great YT channel of classic tv show appearances go to Gatorrock787's channel. Right now he has an early Waylon Jennings featured you'd hardly recognize!

    Dwight Yoakam more than anyone revived the Bajersfield Sound, a style my father liked and I grew up listening to. Dwight is one of my all time favorites.