It's The End Of The United States As We Know It

This is a total revaluation of everything...

The Great Disruption isn't the worst thing that could happen and probably long overdue.

1. The internet has disrupted everything ranging from communications to commerce.

2. This total revaluation is due to the failure of the government regulated financial system.

3. Across the board insolvency is creating a tidal wave of bankruptcies that can't be stopped. 

4. We've been living on borrowed time: ideas, money, consumerism, ethics.

5. There will be a profound reorder of personal values due to people's relationship with money.

6. We will see an acrimonious social and political atmosphere of conflicting and competing interest groups.

Personally I don't think it can be called off no matter how many fingers in the dike try to postpone it. There are too many circumstances already in play that portend an overturning of the way we live, sooner rather than later.

1. Technology has sped the exchange of everything spanning from ideas to currency and spinning out of control.

2. There is a war in Afghanistan that is a no win situation for the US.

3. The paper shifting of debt among governments in Europe is contagious to the UK, Asia and US.

4. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is one example of environmental problems that are vexing.

5. There is only one way for the US Stock Market to go now and it isn't up or sideways.

6. Unemployment and underemployment are not going to be solved for quite a long time.

We can hope that the situation doesn't become so charged that we see people do things so ugly that we never thought that we'd see in our lifetime. Immigration conflict is only a symptom of long simmering racial and ethnic issues  Political divisiveness is a result of class warfare. Terrorism has been glossed over and is internal on several fronts. There's more...Anything is possible.


Therefore also for the individual: Anything is possible. Personally and it doesn't have to be a negative reaction. If we choose to accept that there will be very little money in circulation, even among those who once had it, that consumer goods will not be as available as they once were, we can choose to take this as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, a chance to innovate new ways of doing things.

No matter where you are in life, you can always find someone better off and someone worse off than you are.

Really what choice is there? We can accept reality and adjust to it in the best possible way or we can be angry and bitter. Many of us have worked hard all our lives and achieved quite a bit and expected to be at least comfortable by this time. I know people who have complained bitterly to me about this and I can no longer be around them because it triggers the worst fears in me. Other people I know are well aware of how things look and what direction the country likely will head. What kind of future we face and are transcending to understanding it is out of our control. What we do have control over is how we reorient our internal compass to acceptance.

My grandfather used to tell me stories of the Depression. One of them was many men his age (in their thirties and forties) never accepted the conditions of the Depression and stayed inside their houses for the rest of their lives. Only their wives went out to do the shopping, etc. He said they "wasted their lives away when they could have done something, anything, even if it wasn't earning money." My grandfather was a barber but his business was slow, so he started beekeeping. He had men helping him who also had slow business or no jobs, this gave them something to do, they also had lots of honey.

Everyone has to find their own path to acceptance, a positive and hopeful outlook, their own personal revaluation of what is important and coping with the difficult fact that like a hurricane blowing through...a lot of what we thought, believed in, as well as the physical aspects of life we had, has been blown away.

In no way do I believe this is an easy task. If there was ever a time to build a solid support system around you it is now. Do I have fear about the future in five years that I didn't have five years ago? YES. I cannot let that rule me and it is important that I get the message out to as many people as possible to alleviate my own fears, doubts and anxieties, share the burden.

I have an avocation that is a labor of love people help me with and it keeps us occupied, plus we get benefit from doing something together . My mother wants me to start beekeeping with one of my nephews, who is in the similar employment predicament that I've been in for the same amount of time. Through these activities we discover new gems inside ourselves and from them, anything can happen.

I believe we are capable of more than surviving but winning in new ways, in this historical reordering of society, by recognizing that it is about people valuing each other in ways other than in financial and material terms. That is the bottom line revaluation. We may even get the real America back.

Manifest your own Destiny: "I feel fine"


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