American National Anthem: Memorial Day 2010

The Star Spangled Banner...

Vietnam footage with music by Jimi Hendrix [National Anthem and Purple Haze] 


The Star Spangled Banner / Vietnam footage / Music Jimmy Hendrix from jimmyh on Vimeo.


  1. I first heard this on a scratchy 33 1/3 album (triple album, if I remember right) I borrowed from the library in Penfield, NY. I listened through some cool Santana and some (how to say it?) troubling Canned Heat and then I got to this.

    Jimi's preceding jam seemed great; sitting here now I can see myself digging it 20-whatever years ago. But then came this.

    I instantly knew this music was perfect. Nothing that has come along in the intervening years has done anything to make me question that assessment. If anything, it gets more relevant with age.


    The scary thing is, if you listen to this with your eyes closed you feel the pain more. That seems impossible but it's true.

    Thank you for posting this, JR.

  2. Somehow this version of the "Star Spangled" with "Purple Haze" and the imagery just seemed to fit this Memorial Day.